We recommend that you watch a quick video on greetings.

Your main greeting is the first thing callers will hear when they dial your number. You should use it to greet each caller and provide them with a list of their options. For example, your main greeting might say "Thank you for calling ABC Company. For sales press 1, for support press 2, press 8 for our dial by name directory."

To setup your main greeting click the "Settings" icon on the left of your screen. "Greetings" will be the first section in the settings menu.


This is where you will find your main greeting. There will already be a default greeting in the system. 

We recommend clicking the Purple "Greetings Guide" BUTTON in the upper-right corner to watch a quick video on greetings.

Select the " + Add your own greeting" button to add a new greeting.

  • The "Upload file" button allows you to upload a prerecorded audio file.

  • The "Record" button allows you to use your microphone and record.

Your new recording will be added to the list. You can now choose to delete, use, or listen to the recording.