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Who uses toll free SMS texting now?

Toll-free texting is a relatively new technology, but it’s catching on quickly! Businesses from all walks of life use toll-free texting to communicate with their customers. You’ve probably heard radio stations asking their callers to text their toll-free number or even restaurants allowing customers to text their restaurant to receive promotions, menu options, or even to let customers know their table is ready. 

Many companies now allow customers to text their customer support team rather than wait on hold. Instead of waiting on hold or listening to on-hold music, customers can receive a text message letting them know that a representative is now available to speak with them. Even member-based professional associations and nonprofit organizations can benefit from this technology. 

In fact, the National Restaurant Association recently implemented toll-free number SMS texting as a new way for customers to interact with their organization. They discovered that their team was 8 times more efficient in handling customer requests, and the new system reduced their voicemail log by 80% since launching toll-free SMS texting capabilities.

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