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Why am I unable to record my own greeting from my Apple iOS device?

At this time, Apple iOS devices are not allowing users to use our "Record" button (Android devices are working correctly).  While we continue to work with Apple Developers to get this to work, we recommend taking one of the following actions: 

1. Use our Voice Talent Studio

Our customers get a one-time FREE professional voice talent to record a custom greeting and voicemail for the phone system within your first 30 days of service.

2. Leave yourself a voicemail and save/upload that file

When you receive a voicemail on your phone system, an MP3 file is emailed to you. Some customers will call their Unitel phone number and leave a message they want to use for the main greeting or voicemail.  They can then receive this mp3 file in an email, save it, and upload it.

3. Download Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is a 3rd party app that allows you to create *.mp3 files.  Since Apple devices (iPhones specifically) create *.m4a files, and that file type is not supported in our system, we have many customers who have used this 3rd party app called Smart Recorder to create their recordings in the *.mp3 format and use the upload option to use the greeting.

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