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How do I login to my account?

We offer two types of access for Unitel:

  1. Account Master Access (Admin-Level): This is the initial login you established when you first registered with Unitel.
  2. Employee Extension/App Access (User-Level): This is the login you utilize to access your Mobile App.

What's an Account Master Access?

As an account owner, you'll have what we call "Master Access". With this Admin-level access, you can manage all features of your phone system, including individual user's Employee Extensions, voicemail, call logs, and even billing information.

How do I obtain Account Master Access?

This access is granted to the individual who initially registers for Unitel, known as the "account owner."

What's an Employee Extension/App Access?

This User-level access allows you to manage your individual Employee Extension and use the Unitel Mobile App. With Unitel, an Employee Extension and a "user" are the same. Your Employee Extension login also syncs with your Mobile App.

How do I obtain an Employee Extension/Mobile App Access?

If you're the account owner, you'll need to set up your own Employee Extension. If you're not the account owner, ask them to create one for you. Once an Employee Extension is set up, you can manage its login details and sync it with your Mobile App.

Why are there two types of access?

As an account owner, you start with Master Access but won't have any Employee Extensions set up. To use the Unitel Mobile App, you'll need to create Employee Extensions for yourself and other system users.

Can I give User-level access the same permissions as Admin-level access?

Absolutely! You can adjust a user's account permissions within their Employee Extension settings.

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