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How to set up an After-Hours Greeting

  Watch a quick video on how greetings work in our system here. 

If your business isn’t open 24/7, you can use an After-Hours Greeting to tell customers when your business is closed. You also have the ability to take a message and/or route calls to your after-hours support staff. 

For example, your After-Hours Greeting might sound something like this: “Thank you for calling ABC Company. Our office is now closed. Our normal hours of operation are 9 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you’d like a member of our team to contact you, please press 7 to leave your name, number, and a brief message, and we’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.”

You can set up an After-Hours Greeting in 3 simple steps:

1. Navigate to the Greetings settings 

Navigate to "Settings" then "Greetings."

2. Set Your Business hours 

You'll find your Main Greeting, Business Hours, and After-Hours Greeting menus here. You'll want to set your business hours. During these hours, your phone system will play the Main Greeting. Outside of these hours, it will play the After-Hours Greeting. There are several presets to choose from, but you can also set a custom schedule for your needs. Learn more about a custom schedule here. 

3. Upload Your Greeting

There will be a system default, but you can upload your own greeting by selecting "

You'll be given the option to upload an MP3 File or Record using your computer or device's microphone. Once you have the recording saved to the list, make sure it is selected as the active greeting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apple / iOS devices prevent recording through your browser. Other options for recording may be found here.

4. Set after-greeting options

You'll also have the option of setting what happens if the caller does not enter a command. You can have Main Greeting repeat or have the caller forwarded onto an extension of your choosing.

Note: If you would like to have your After-Hours greeting send callers to a voicemail, we recommend setting up a department extension for voicemail-only as the after-hours voicemail box, and mentioning they select that extension in the after-hours greeting. 

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