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Enable Mobile App Troubleshooting Log for Advanced Troubleshooting

Upon request from UniTel Voice Support team, follow the instructions below to enable  additional information to UniTel Voice Technicians for advanced troubleshooting.

Enable Logging in the UniTel Voice Mobile App

  1. Launch the UniTel Voice App
  2. From the Keypad screen, tap the ellipsis in the top-right corner of your screen and  then tap "Settings" menu that displays.

  3. Now, from the App Settings screen, tap "Preferences"
  4. Now, from the Preferences Screen, tap "Troubleshooting log" to toggle the option on.
  5. Click the Left arrow at the top left corner to go back to the "Settings" screen
  6. Click the left arrow in the top left corner to go back to the Key Pad screen.
  7. Close the UniTel Voice App.

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