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What is the Dial-by-Name Directory?

The Dial-by-Name Directory allows callers to use the keypad to find an Employee Extension based on the employee's last name. Callers are prompted to use the keypad to enter the first 3 letters of the last name of an employee.  If there is a match, a recording of the employee's name will be played, and the extension will be given.  The caller will then have the ability to transfer to that extension.

The Dial-by-Name Directory is always set as Extension 8 and is managed with your other extensions.

*Special Notes:

1. Employee extensions are not automatically included in the Dial-By-Name Directory.  You must activate the employee extension in order to use it.  To activate an extension in the DbN Directory, click <Edit> next to Extension 8, and make sure that the checkbox is enabled.

2. The recording of the employee name is managed in the Employee Extension's configuration settings.