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How do I access my Invoice?

How do I access my invoice / monthly statement?

Billing is only available to the Administrator user created at signup or Users with the "Billing Admin" role assigned. 

If you do not see the Billing page in the Settings menu, you do not have the necessary permissions to manage payment information. Contact the person in your organization who manages your UniTel Voice account and request they update your login with the needed permissions.

When your monthly invoice is generated, an email notification is sent from [email protected]. The email includes a PDF of your monthly statement.

Additionally, you can access your Invoices in your Unitel Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Navigate to menu Settings > then Billing
  3. Near the bottom of the page, you will observe the section “Previous Invoices.” In this section, you will find a drop-down field listing your available invoices. Pick the invoice you want to view and click the button [Download].

 NOTE: Invoices will only be visible if you have been a customer longer than 31 days (and we have generated your first invoice).

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