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What is a Number Tag and how are they used?

What is a Number Tag?

A Number Tag is a description that can be assigned to each of your Unitel Phone Numbers. The Tag is then displayed when viewing Inbound Calls lists online or from the Downloaded Calls lists. This is useful for Call Tracking when using numbers for different marketing campaigns.

Why use Number Tags?

When using your different Unitel phone numbers for a marketing campaign, you can add the Campaign description to the number in the form of a Tag. Then, when viewing your Calls Lists, you can easily identify calls by their Tag.  

How do I set up Call Tracking / Tags?

  1. Login to your Unitel Account
  2. Navigate to Settings > Your Numbers
  3. Edit the Number you wish to assign a Tag
  4. Click “Other Options” accordion to show the advanced Number Settings
  5. Enter a value in the field “Tag.”
  6. Click Save 

Your Inbound Calls screen will display the Tag name, allowing for quick reference to identify Unitel phone numbers by navigating to Settings > Your Numbers > Edit.

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