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What's inside my account?

Here’s what you'll see when you log in to your UniTel Voice account:

1. Inbox: 

This contains all of the voicemails and faxes sent to the extension(s) you have permission to access. Learn more »

2. Call Logs: 

This contains your inbound, outbound, and dial-out call logs. Learn more »

3. Extensions: 

Here you can create and manage your department and employee extensions as well as your dial-by-name directory. Learn more »

4. *Fax-Out: 

This section allows you to send faxes from your phone system and contains a history of sent faxes. Learn more »

5. *Settings: 

From this menu, you can access > Account & Billing, > Greetings, > Phone Numbers, > On-Hold Music, > Call-Block, > Dial-Out Numbers, and > Extras.

6. Help Menu:  

From this menu, you can access your > Getting Started Guide, > Help Desk, and > Contact Support

7. Profile Menu: 

From this menu, you can access your > Profile Information, > Give Feedback, > Refer Friends, and > Logout

* Maybe hidden based on your extension’s settings and permissions