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What can I do on the History screen in my Mobile App?

The History screen of your mobile app provides a quick reference of Inbound calls that Ring your Mobile App as well as Dialed calls From your Mobile App. This information is also available from your Unitel Dashboard as well as through the "Virtual Office" screen inside the Mobile App. 

NOTE: Calls are immediately available in the History screen of your app. Those calls may take a few minutes to be visible in the Virtual Office. It is recommended to check this screen when trying to identify "who just called me quickly."

Each call will be presented with a status when viewing the History Screen. The list below describes each of the available statuses:

Cancelled: A call with the status “Cancelled” is an Outbound call dialed and hung up before reaching the other party.

Answered: A call with the status “Answered” is an Outbound call that connected to the called party.

Accepted: A call with the status “Accepted” is an inbound call that connected to your app.

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