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Can I control call waiting when using the app?

To control the behavior of your device in a situation when an incoming cellular call interrupts your Unitel business (VoIP) call, follow these steps:

  1. Open the App
  2. Go to the "Keypad" menu
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Click "Preferences"
  5. Click "Controls"

Use the dropdown menu in the "On GSM Call" field:

    - Do Nothing (Default)- your Unitel call will remain active while an incoming GSM / Cellular call rings and shows an Incoming Call notification on your mobile device.

    - Put Call on Hold - If an incoming GSM / Cellular call comes in, the current Unitel call is automatically put on HOLD

    - Play Message - The Unitel caller will be put on hold and hear a message that says, "I apologize; our call has been interrupted by an incoming GSM call. I will return shortly or call you back. Thank you."

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