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Prevent Call Interruption on App

Your UniTel Voice mobile app allows you to control what happens when you are in-call through your mobile app and receive an incoming GSM / Cellular Call.

The available behaviors include:

  1. Do Nothing - Your in-App Unitel Voice call will continue and your mobile phone will display that you have an incoming call. You can choose to ignore the Incoming Cellular call or if you accept the incoming cellular call, your in-App call will be placed on hold. 
  2. Put Call on Hold - The UniTel Voice call will be placed on hold and your GSM / Cellular call will ring through to your Mobile Phone. If you decline the GSM call, you will be able to resume your call in the UniTel Voice mobile app.
  3. Play Message - with this option, you can pre-record a message in your app. the Message will then be played to the Cellular caller. For example:  

To control the behavior of your device in a situation when an incoming cellular call interrupts your VoIP call, follow these steps:

Open App

Go to "Keypad" menu

Click "Settings"

Click "Preferences"

Click "Controls"

Use the dropdown menu in the "On GSM Call" field

    - Do Nothing

    - Put Call on Hold

    - Play Message

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