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How can I manage permission to my mobile phone’s contacts for the Unitel app?

When first installing the Unitel Mobile App, you will be prompted to allow permission to your device’s contacts. This permission can be changed at a later time through your native phone’s permissions. The steps depend on whether you are using an Apple or an Android Device.  Follow the steps below for your respective device.

Change Contacts permission on iOS devices:

  1. Open your iOS device Settings menu
  2. tap Privacy
  3. tap Contacts
  4. Scroll down to the app "Unitel.
  5. Toggle the option to the desired setting.

Change Contacts permission on Android devices:

  1. Open your Settings menu
  2. Tap Apps & Notifications
  3. tap App Permissions
  4. tap Contacts
  5. Scroll down to the app "Unitel.
  6. Toggle the option to the desired setting.

Note: While permissions to your Contacts are not required to use the Mobile App, it will help make the service easier to use.  

For example, when an inbound call is received through your app, if the caller's number is in your Contact List, you will see their name displayed as the caller.  

Similarly, when making outbound calls, you can use the “Contacts” screen in the Mobile app to quickly find the person you want to call and initiate the outbound call.

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