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How does call forwarding work?

Call forwarding is controlled in two places. First inside "Settings" > "Your Numbers" and second within the forwarding settings of each extension. 

Inside of "Settings" > " Your Numbers" you can set the call forwarding to go to the main greeting or directly to an extension. 


Numbers will forward to your main greeting by default, but selecting "Transfer to extension..." will provide a dropdown menu of existing extensions to choose from. 

Inside of each department and employee extension you can set your forwarding numbers (Ex: Your cell phone). 

Open the edit menu of your desired extension. Here you can add & manage your call forwarding numbers for the extension.

Select the edit button for the call forwarding number. Here you can adjust a variety of settings for the forwarding number.

  • Forwarding Number - This is the number of the actual device the extension will forward the call to. Ex: You cell phone
  • Nickname - This label allows you to quickly identify who's number is who's.
  • Ring for... - This is the amount of time your system will ring this number. If you would like your devices voicemail to take calls instead of the extension's voicemail box, we suggest setting this for 60 seconds. 
  • Forwarding Schedule - This allows you to set a custom schedule for certain numbers. Maybe an employee only works Mon, Wed, Fri.
  • Forwarding Options - Choose whether to announce the call or not. Announcing the call will tell you which extension the call is coming from and give you the option to take the call, send it to voicemail, or hear the caller ID information.

If you have multiple forwarding numbers for an extension. Ex: Sales Team - Bob, Sarah, Jessica. Choosing the options menu under the forwarding numbers list will allow you to set the ring rules for the group.