Each department and employee extension comes with a voicemail box. Voicemail settings are controlled in the forwarding settings of each extension. 

First, you need to determine whether you would prefer for your unanswered calls to be sent to a voicemail box within your phone system or if you would rather receive them in your own device's (cell phone) voicemail. If you would like our system's voicemail to pickup the unanswered call we suggest setting "Ring for..." to 15 seconds. If you would like your device's voicemail to take the call we suggest 60 seconds.

The "Ring for..." setting controls the number of seconds your phone system will attempt to ring the number before getting transferred to voicemail.

If the phone system will be handling your voicemail messages, be sure to make any necessary changes to the email address. An email containing the caller's information and an attached .mp3 file of the voicemail will be sent for each message.

We also give you the ability to upload a pre-recorded voicemail greeting or record a new one using your computer's built in microphone.