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How do I send faxes?

  • Start by locating "Fax-Out" in the left-hand menu of your screen, which is situated beneath the "Extensions" option.

  • Upon entering the Fax-Out section, click the "Send" button to initiate the process of sending a fax.

  • Next, input the 10-digit number of your intended fax recipient. Then, select "Choose File" to browse your computer and pick the document you wish to fax.

Important Information to keep in mind:
  • We currently support only PDF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG file types. Ensure that your file is in one of these formats.
  • Each fax can only be a maximum of 5 MB in size. If your document exceeds this, you might need to reduce its size or divide it into multiple faxes.
  • Please be aware that our service doesn't automatically include a fax cover sheet. If a cover sheet is necessary, ensure it's incorporated as the first page of the document you're attaching.
  • You can manage the Caller ID Number from which your faxes are sent by clicking the "Settings" button.
  • Lastly, please note that faxes are deleted on a rolling 60-day basis. Make sure to save any information you may need beyond this period.

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