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How does 911 work?

As part of section 4 of the Unitel Terms and Conditions, do NOT attempt to dial 911 from your app or Unitel solution.  Calls to 911 will not complete.


4.1              911 Dialing.

                    UniTel Voice 911 dialing is different than traditional 911 service.

4.2              UniTel Voice 911 Disclosure Agreement. 

                    Outbound dialing does NOT support 911 or e911 Emergency Services.  Calls made to 911 will not complete. DO NOT Dial 911.

4.3              911 Dialing from the Mobile Application 

                    You understand that the Unitel mobile application uses your device’s dialer and is not capable of dialing 911.  You will NOT be able to call 911 from the Unitel mobile application.

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