The list below describes each of the different options available when Creating a Conference Room.

General Settings:

Conference Room Name:  General description  of the Conference Room 

Moderator PIN: This is the access PIN number that you or your team should use to manage the Conference. 

Participant PIN: This is the access PIN number that you should provide to anyone that will call in to participate in the conference.

Conference Start Date/Time (default = date/time conf room was created)  Specifies the date and time when the conference will start.

Advanced Configuration:

Music On Hold: Music callers will hear while waiting for the conference to begin. 

Maximum Participants: Limits the number of callers that can participate in the Conference. The default is set to 10, the Maximum Limit is 100.

Maximum Duration (in seconds): Limits the maximum duration of a conference call. (default is 7200 seconds ~ 2 hours)

Mute Options: (default = “Participants can mute/unmute themselves”)

Announce Names (default = “Announce names”): Announces the name of a new participant who enters the room.

Conference Recording:  Controls if Conferences are recorded automatically (Always Record), Manually recorded (On Demand Record). *This setting is only available when Call Recording Extra is enabled. 

Active (default = on): When toggled "On" a conference room is accessible when it is with-in the configured Conference Start Date/Time.  When toggled "Off" the conference room is locked and not accessible. 

Wait for Moderator (default = on): Callers will wait on hold until you (moderator) call into conference.

Announce joining/leaving: (default = on): Plays announcement when a participant joins or leaves the room.

Single caller MOH (default = on)

Lock the conference if empty: (default = off)

Announce participants: (default = on)

**Note: Conferences are not "Always Open" in that they must be scheduled. After a conference is concluded, the room is closed and a new Start Date/Time must be set to allow for a new conference to begin.