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How do I navigate within the app?

Depending on whether you are using an Apple (iOS) product, or Android product, the navigation will be found at the bottom or top of the screen.

Navigation is broken out into 4 parts:

  • VirtualOffice - where you can access and manage your entire phone system, including your Inbox for Voicemails and Faxes, Manage your extensions, Fax-out, and View Call Logs
  • Keypad - where you go to place an outbound call, using your phone's keypad
  • Contacts - where you go to review your device's contact list, to place a call
  • History - where you go to see your extensions recent call history.

When in the "Virtual Office" tab, use the "hamburger icon" (3 horizontal bars) to open additional settings.

iOS navigation is on the BOTTOM            Android navigation is at the TOP


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