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What is the Dial-Out feature?

Our dial out feature allows you to place a phone call from any phone, and have the Caller ID appear as your virtual phone number.  

1. Authorize the number you will be calling from
  • Click Add Number
  • Enter a description for your call in number in the 'Nickname' field
  • Enter the 10-digit phone number you will use to call your Access Number in the field 'Will call from this number'. Digits only. Do not include dashes or any special characters
  • Pick your Virtual Office Number that you would like to display as your outbound Caller ID
  • Make sure "Active" toggle is set to ON.
  • Click the Save button
2. Call the Access Number from your authorized number
  • Call your access number Toll Free at (844) 435-4000 or (331) 215-8820
  • Follow the Prompts