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How do I create a Conference Room?

1) Login to your UniTel Voice account here.

2) Navigate to Settings > Extras and make sure the Conference Calling "Extra" is enabled.

3) Navigate to "Settings" > "Conference Rooms"

4) Click the "Add a new room" button.

5) Enter a name in the "Conference room name" field and set "Conference Start Date/Time":

6) Click the "Add" button to create your room.

When a Conference Room is added, it is created with recommended defaults. However, there are additional settings availalbe under the option section "Advanced Configurations" when Adding and Editing a Conference Room.  Click here to learn about each Conference Room Configuration Setting.

The default Conference Room settings are standard and should be well suited for most users. However, there are additional options available in the "Advanced Configuration" menu if needed.

Learn More about the different options in this article.

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