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Dial Pad Extra Help & FAQs

What is the Extra Dial Pad?

Dial Pad is a feature that allows eligible customers to make and receive calls directly through their Unitel Voice dashboard. It eliminates the need to install a softphone software onto your computer. 

What are the requirements to use Dial Pad?

  1. Extra "Mobile App" enabled
  2. Extra "Dial Pad" enabled
  3. Computer with a microphone and speakers
  4. Compatible Browser (see below)
  5. High-speed internet connection
  6. Supported Plan:  Note: currently the only supported plan to use the Dial Pad extra is the Unitel Voice "Office" plan. 

What Browsers are supported?

Google Chrome is the current recommended browser.

Note:  Safari is not supported at this time.

The following browsers are also supported

  1. Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux),
  2. Chromium (Windows, Mac, Linux),
  3. Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  4. Opera (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  5. Google Chrome (on Android).

How do I activate Dial Pad feature for my UniTel Voice Account?

Dial Pad is an Extra that must be enabled on the Settings > Extras page. 

Note: If you observe the message below "Contact our support team to add this feature" this indicates your current plan does not include the Dial Pad feature.  Contact us to upgrade to the UniTel Voice Office Plan to enable this feature.

Note: After enabling the feature, it may be required to refresh your screen for the  icon to display in the sidebar navigation.

How do I access Dial Pad?

To access the Dial Pad, navigate to the Dial Pad page in the sidebar navigation.

How do I use Dial Pad?

  1. Navigate to the page Dial Pad located on the sidebar navigation.
  2. You should observe a drop down list of Employee Extensions available for use with Dial Pad.
    1. NOTE: Dial Pad requires your Employee Extension to have the “Mobile App” feature enabled. If your extension is not visible, navigate to the Extensions screen and confirm you have enabled “Mobile App”.
  3. Choose from the list which extension you wish to make/receive calls.
  4. You will observe the Dial Pad register to your Extension.
  5. Choose Allow If prompted to let Chrome access your Microphone. (refer to troubleshooting Browser Permissions for further assistance)
  6. After Registration, you will observe a keypad
  7. Keep this screen active to receive inbound calls.

How do I make an outbound call using Dial Pad Extra?

With the Dial Pad page open, choose the extension you wish to initiate the call from. Then, type the 11-digit phone number and press the phone icon to initiate the call.

How do I receive an inbound call using Dial Pad Extra?

With the Dial Pad page open in your browser, you will receive incoming calls through the Dial Pad. Incoming calls will play a "Ringing tone" through your speakers.  Press the phone icon to "answer" the incoming call.

Troubleshooting Browser Permissions

1. If prompted, you must click "Allow" to provide access to your microphone as shown in the screenshot below.


1. Incoming calls will only be received when the Dial Pad screen is open. Navigating away from this screen will prevent incoming calls from being received by the Dial Pad screen of your dashboard. 

TIP: You can open the Dial Pad screen in a new tab, and then navigate through your dashboard. When an inbound call is received, you will hear "ringing" and the Browser Tab with the Dial Pad screen open will display a blinking dot. Switch to the Dial Pad tab and click the phone icon to "Answer" the call.

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