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How do I log in to the app?


  • The username and password you created at signup is different than your mobile app login.
  • The app is designed to sync with your employee extension.
  • Your app login credentials are within your Employee Extension (as shown below).

To log in to the app, follow these 3 steps below or watch a quick video on how the app works.

Step 1: Create an employee extension (if you have not already done so).

*Here’s how to create an employee extension.

Step 2: Turn On Mobile App & Devices.

Inside the new employee extension, go to the "General Information" menu and toggle on "Mobile App & Devices."

Step 3: Sync your App by scanning the QR code or entering the login credentials

1. After you turn on the Mobile App & Devices toggle, you will see a QR code and login credentials appear.

2. From your app login screen, press the 'Scan QR' button and then use your device to take a picture of the QR code on the screen.  The device will then auto-provision itself. You cannot do this from your camera; you will need to open the app.

3. You can manually enter your extension's 'Account ID' and 'Password' and then click 'Sign in.'  

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