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How do I set up an after-hours greeting?

Your after-hours greeting is a recording you can set to play after your set business hours. An example would be "Thank you for calling [Company Name]. You have reached our offices after hours. Please leave a message and we will return your call the next business day. Thank you."


To setup your after-hours greeting go to "Settings". "Greetings" will be the first section in the settings menu.




To activate your after-hours greeting you have to set your business hours schedule. The default is "24/7" but there are a variety of preset options and they ability to create a custom schedule. 

Below your main greeting you'll find your after-hours greeting. There will already be a default greeting in the system. 

Select the "Upload & Record" button to add a new greeting. The upload menu will appear allowing you to upload a prerecorded audio file or record using your computer's built in microphone. 

Your new recording will be added to the list. You can now choose to delete, use, or listen to the recording.

You will also see an options menu for what happens if there is no caller input.