Your system is initially set up to forward callers to a temporary main greeting with the option to select Ext 0 which forwards callers to the contact phone number entered at signup.

Our system is very flexible. It can be configured as simply as sending callers directly to another phone number or built-out with a main greeting (auto-attendant) forwarding to department and employee extensions.

Call Forwarding Options:

  1. Forward Callers to Main Greeting:

In this scenario, callers will hear your main greeting when dialing your number. You can record a custom greeting stating your business name what department/employee extensions they may dial.


Often one-man shops will have a main greeting play to sound professional then have the system forward callers directly to their employee extension which will ring your choice of the mobile app or phone number. 


  1. Simple forward callers directly to an extension (no main greeting):

Some customers do not need the main greeting and simply want their number to forward callers directly to another phone number, device(phone), mobile app, voicemail... 

Here are directions to some common setups: