Extensions control where callers are sent after responding to the prompts offered by your main greeting. You have three types of extensions: Employee, Department, & Dial-By-Name Directory. 


 Watch a quick video on how extensions work in our system here.

Employee Extensions (Users):

Employee extensions are 3 digits each and represent your phone system’s users. These extensions control general, app & devices, call forwarding, voicemail, login, and permission settings for the user. 

Every member of your team should have their own employee extension, including you. You'll need an employee extension to sync (login) with the mobile application. 

Learn more about creating & customizing employee extensions here.

Department Extensions:

Department extensions are simply groups of employee extensions. They are 1 digit each (0 - 6). Example: Ext 1 - Sales, Ext 2 - Support... You can customize call forwarding and voicemail settings for each department extension. 

Learn more about creating & customizing department extensions here.

Dial-By-Name Directory:

The Dial-by-Name Directory allows callers to use the keypad to find an Employee Extension based on the employee's last name. Callers are prompted to use the keypad to enter the first 3 letters of the last name of an employee.  If there is a match, a recording of the employee's name will be played, and the extension will be given.  The caller will then have the ability to transfer to that extension.

The Dial-by-Name Directory is always set as Extension 8 and is managed with your other extensions.

Learn more about managing the directory here.