IP Devices are configured to work with your Employee Extension.

In the Virtual Office, each Employee Extension is configured with their own "Time Zone" setting.

If time is not displaying correctly on your device, first check your Employee Extension settings in your Back Office to ensure it is set correctly

  1. LoginĀ to your Backoffice
  2. Navigate to "Extensions"
  3. Edit your Employee Extension
  4. In the General Info section, update your "Time Zone" to the desired value.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Changes may take up to 1hr to update your device. If your device has not restarted and displaying the correct time, restart the phone by unpluging the power cord from the bottom of the phone and reconnect it.

If the Time Zone is correctly configured for your extension, but time is still not displaying correctly on your device, contact our support team for additional assistance.