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Bria Teams Help & FAQs

Bria Teams is a Softphone product offered by Counter Path.

You can use your UniTel Voice services with the Bria Softphone to make and receive calls. For support of your Bria Teams solution, please find the resources below.

How do I configure Bria Teams to work with my UniTel Voice services?

We have created a Tutorial how to configure Bria Teams with your UniTel Voice services.

Bria Teams Support Site: 

What Headsets are supported on Bria Softphone?

Bria Teams Pricing:

Why is X-Lite no longer supported?

I can't login to my Bria Teams softphone. I get an error "Suspended"

To use the Bria Teams Softphone, you are required to have an active Bria Team ssubscription with Counterpath. If you observe the error in the below screenprint, it indicates that your Bria Subscription, not your UniTel Voice services, are suspended. To resolve this issue, login to your Softphone Dashboard and resolve the payment/account issue.

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