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Install and Configure Bria Team to work with your Employee Extensions

Configuring the Bria Teams Softphone for use with your UniTel Voice services involves these 4 steps:

Step 1: Login to your UniTel Voice Account, create a new Employee Extension for each of your Softphone Users.

Step 2: Login to the Bria Customer Portal and create/configure a "Voice Service" for your UniTel Voice services.

Step 3: In your Bria Teams account, create your users, and configure them with the Employee Extension credentials.

Step 4: Install Bria Softphone on your Desktop and login.

The instructions below will walk you through each step of the process step-by-step.


  1. For each of your Employees that will use a Softphone, you must create an Employee Extension in the UniTel Voice Portal. Each Employee Extension has their own unique  Account ID and Password credentials that will be configured in the Bria Teams Web Portal.
    1. Mobile App toggle must be enabled to receive inbound calls to your UniTel Voice Devices (App / Softphone / IP-Device).
    2. Account ID will be used in the Bria Softphone Configuration Tool
    3. Password is obfuscated by default. Tap/click the ***** to display the password. You can then copy & paste it.

Follow the steps below to configure Bria Teams with your UniTel Voice Services.

  1. Signup for Bria Teams.
  2. Login to Bria Teams Web Portal
  3. Invite your Users to create them in the Bria Teams Web Portal
  4. Navigate to Voice & Video.
  5. Add a new "Voice Service". Choose the option “Configure SIP Settings” as shown below
  6. Configure Voice Services with the settings below:
    1. Service Label: “UniTel Voice”
    2. DOMAIN = “”
    3. Voicemail Number = *98
    4. Check option “This voice service requires an authorization username for each voice account”
    5. Click Save
  7. In Bria Teams Web Portal Navigate to “Team Members”
  8. Click to edit Team Member
  9. Configure Team Member Voice Account settings as shown below
    1. Voice Service dropdown:  Choose "UniTel Voice" created in previous step
    2. SIP Username / Extension: Enter your 3-digit Employee Extension Number collected from the UniTel Voice Portal (see below)
    3. Authorization USERNAME: Locate the Account ID from your Employee Extension located in the UniTel Voice     Backoffice. This will begin with 020xxxxxxxxx
    4. Service Password: Locate the Password located in the UniTel Voice Backoffice, located below the "Account ID".
    5. Call Display: Enter the UniTel Voice Employee Extension Number for this User
    6. Click Save
  10. In Bria Teams Web Portal Navigate to Download Client Apps.
  11. Download the app for your PC or Mac Desktop.
  12. Install the Desktop Softphone App
  13. Login to Bria Teams as your User.
  14. The Bria Desktopo Softphone will automatically configure settings set in the Bria Teams Web Portal. ** Note, any changes made in the Bria Teams portal will require you exit and restart the Bria Desktop Softphone App.
  15. Exit the Bria Teams Softphone App if is open.
  16. Then Launch the Bria Teams Softphone app and login. ** This is necessary for the Bria Softphone App to receive the changes made in their Bria Teams Portal.

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