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Simple Call Forward to your UniTel Voice mobile app

Step 1: Forward your UniTel Voice number to Dept. Ext 0

1. Go to “Settings” then “Your Numbers”

2. Edit phone number settings

3. Set “Forwarding Options” to “Transfer to extension”

4. Set “Extension” to “Ext 0 - New Extension”

5. Save settings

Step 2: Forward Employee Ext 700 to your mobile app

1. Go to “Extensions”

2. Add an employee extension

3. Edit extension's "General Settings" - add a first & last name and adjust the time zone if needed

4. Turn on "Mobile App" toggle - This will load the mobile app section for this extension


5. Save extension settings

Step 3: Forward your Dept. Ext 0 to Employee Ext 700


1. Edit “Dept. Ext 0” 

2. Edit “Forwarding Extensions & Numbers” to forward to Ext 700

3. Change "Ring For..." time to 60 seconds

4. Save forwarding number settings

5. Save extension settings

Step 4: Set your ringtone by adjusting "Music On-Hold"

1. Go to “Settings” then “Music On-Hold”

2. Change the music to "Ringtone" if desired

3. Place a test call

Step 5: Download & Sync the mobile app with your Employee Ext 700

1. Download the mobile app to your smartphone for Apple iOS or Andriod  

2. Return "Extensions" and edit "Employee Ext 700"

3. Under "Extension Login" you can create a unique username and password for the extension

4. Use the username & password to sync the app with Ext 700

5. You can also use the QR code scanner