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Simple Call Forward directly to your UniTel Voice voicemail.

Step 1: Forward your UniTel Voice number to Dept. Ext 0

1. Go to “Settings” then “Your Numbers”

2. Edit phone number settings

3. Set “Forwarding Options” to “Transfer to extension”

4. Set “Extension” to “Ext 0 - New Extension”

5. Save settings

Step 2: Remove call forwarding phone number from Dept. Ext 0

1. Go to “Extensions”

2. Edit department Ext 0 


3. Remove call forwarding phone number from “Forwarding Extensions & Numbers” 

4. Save extension settings

Step 3: Add a forwarding email(s) & voicemail greeting


1. Edit “Dept. Ext 0” 

2. Add email address(s) to "Where do you want voicemail emailed to?" - Optional

3. Add a customized "Voicemail Greeting"

4. You have several options to record a new greeting

            A. Upload a prerecorded MP3 file

            B. Record using your computer or devices microphone


           C. Order a professionally recorded greeting form our Voice Talent Studio

5. Save extension settings

Step 4: Set your ringtone by adjusting "Music On-Hold"

1. Go to “Settings” then “Music On-Hold”

2. Change the music to "Ringtone" if desired

3. Place a test call