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Maybe. Learn more below why we don't simply say "Yes"!

If you don't see your current Softphone solution in the list, it may still work with the UniTel Voice Virtual Phone System but we haven't fully tested it yet. 

To be sure if we support a specific Softphone you are using, contact our team. 

We want to say Yes. In a purely technical sense, Yes, you should be able to Register your Employee extension to your Softphone of choice.

However, there are many factors that can affect Call Quality. These factors increase when 3rd party Devices or Applications are introduced into the callflow.

The X-Lite and Bria softphones were thoroughly tested by our team. We have created guides to help you get started using the X-Lite Softphone. 

However, not all Softphones are made equal and different softphone providers have their own terminology so the screens may be different. Don't worry, the important settings are the same. --Refer to our X-lite article for details how to get setup with X-lite Softphone.