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How do I use the UniTel Voice Conference Service?

To use the UniTel Voice Conference Service, simply follow these steps: 

1. Make sure you've enabled Conference Calling. For help with this, please follow this link.

2. Create a Conference Room. You can find help with this by following this link.

3. Navigate to the "Extensions" page and then scroll down to locate the extension number that was generated for your "Conference Service" extension.

4. Instruct any conference attendees to dial your UniTel Voice number. Then they should enter the Conference Service extension number. At the prompt, they will need to enter the "User PIN" number that was generated when you created the conference room. You can find this number by opening the room if necessary. The conference moderator(s) should enter the "Moderator PIN" number.

**Alternatively, if you would like to provide your attendees with a dedicated phone number for use with your Conference Service, you can add a new UniTel Voice number to your account and forward it directly to the Conference Service Extension. For more information on adding lines to your account, please follow this link.

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