Each extension can hold approximately 200 voicemails. Please note that this is an average. The duration of voicemails may affect the total number of messages that can be stored. Voicemails are deleted on a rolling 60-day window.

More details:

When a voicemail is created in our system, the recording generates an mp3 file that is saved to the Extension. Voicemails are removed on a rolling 60 day window. The file is available for playback or download from the Virtual Office Portal during this time.  Optionally, customers can delete voicemails before the 60 day window.

Each audio file consumes file space on the Media Server. Each Virtual Office Extension is subject to a 50MB limitation, typically the equivalent of 200 Voicemail Messages. Again, this is a 200 voicemail limit per extension. Most customers elect to use their Virtual Office Voicemail to capture callers when they are unable to answer the phone. Customers who rely heavily on Voicemail will need to cleanup their Extension Voicemail Inbox  to avoid the Voicemail Box from becomign full.  In the event the voicemail box is full, the caller will hear an announcement that the Voicemail is full and the call is disconnected.