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How do I troubleshoot call quality issues when using the app?

App Call Quality Issues

From time-to-time, depending on how your device is connected to the internet, you may experience call quality issues. Some examples of poor call quality include call choppiness, delays, or even underwater/far sounding calls. Issues like these are typically due to the local network you are currently connected to and/or the device you are using.


There are different measurements that help determine the success of a VoIP call.

Signal Strength – strength from router
Packet Loss – should be 0%
Jitter – Under 40ms is considered excellent
Latency – Under 125ms is required
Codecs – both parties must properly negotiate codec

During a UniTel Voice app call, you are able to see the values of these measurements by swiping to the right, or by pressing the blue information icon. If your call is experiencing call quality issues, you can look at these different measurements.

Here are a few things that may help you figure out why you are having trouble:

  • Is there any current heavy bandwidth tasks running on your network (i.e. streaming music/video, downloading large files, etc.)?
  • Are you out of range or in weak signal spot? If you move closer to your router, you’re your call quality improve?
  • If you are in transit, you are likely changing cellular data towers.  This is known to cause issues, usually as a result of constantly changing from faster networks to slower networks. (i.e. from a 3g network to LTE or vice versa)


If you are consistently having call quality issues, there is likely a problem with the network you are using.  Your router may be blocking VoIP traffic from passing through properly.

  • Do you experience these issues only on inbound calls?
  • Do you experience these issues only on outbound calls?
  • Do you experience these issues across all devices? (i.e. both your phone and tablet which are connected to the same wifi connection)
  • We recommend turning off your Wi-Fi connection and testing on your cellular data (3G or 4G/LTE)


If you believe that your wifi/internet connection should be sufficient and you are still experiencing call quality issues, then it may be that your device's CPU and RAM are being over utilized. Things to check are:

  • How many apps are running in the background? Does force quitting/closing out all other apps improve the quality?
  • Is your phone's CPU usage nearing max?
  • Is your phone's RAM utilization nearing max?

Change App Setting to Prefer Mobile Data

Follow the steps in this article to modify your app to Prefer Mobile Data. This may improve audio quality when your Mobile Device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the local Wi-Fi network is causing issues.

If you are having trouble with call quality, we ask that you call our Customer Support Team at 855-888-6423 x2, or chat with us online at