Step 1: Access the Settings Menu  

Step 2: Access the Users SubMenu

Step 3:
Click Add new user button

Step 4: Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email, Login, and Time Zone of the new user.


 - After creating a user, he/she will receive an “Invitation Email”. They must click the link in the email, and will be allowed to set their own password.


 - Email addresses cannot be shared between users.

 - Active toggle is used to temporarily “block” a user without requiring you delete them.

 - Admin toggle is used to allow the User full Admin privileges to your Virtual Office. When this is set to OFF, the Settings Menu is hidden preventing the User from accessing Payment, Invoice, and Account Details, as well as purchasing Extras. Non-Admin users can be assigned to specific extensions thus limiting their access in the Virtual Office to only those Extensions they require. For example a Sales Employee can be assigned permissions to the Sales Department Extension and their own Employee extension, but prevented from viewing/managing the Support Department Extension or Management Employees extensions.