You can add additional numbers to your account by clicking the "Settings" icon and then selecting "Your Numbers".


On the "Your Numbers" page you will see a list of every number currently active on your account. At the bottom of this list there will be an "Add Number" button.

Selecting this will activate the add number dropdown menu. There will be an selection of available toll free numbers in different prefixes (844, 855...) for you to choose from. These numbers are free and will be activated instantly. You will also have the option to search for additional toll free and local numbers. These numbers sometimes require an additional fee and are usually activated within 3 business days. If you have existing local and/or toll free number(s) you would like to transfer to UniTel Voice, please contact our Support Team at 855.888.6423 or email

Each additional number is $4.99 per month when added to your account.