If you do not want to use a greeting, and would rather just have the number forward directly through to a number, follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Update the Music On-Hold to "Ringtone"
   (You'll want your callers to hear a ringtone, and not music, while your calls are routing to you)

  • Navigate to Settings --> Music On-Hold
  • Select "Ringtone" and click SAVE

Step 2: Configure an employee extension to forward directly to a number

  • Navigate to Extensions
  • Configure your extension to the number you would like to forward, or setup the app

Step 3: Turn off the greeting, and forward the number directly to the extension 

  • Navigate to Settings --> Your Numbers
  • Click Edit by the number you wish to update
  • In Forwarding Options, choose "Transfer to Extension" and select the Extension to which you want to directly forward
  • Scroll down and SAVE

Also see How do I simply forward my virtual office number to another phone number?