Tools are optional extra features that can be added to your phone system. Some of these tools are free. Others carry an additional monthly fee.

You can find them by clicking the "Tools" icon in your phone system.

This will open the "Add Tool" page. Once there you should click the "Go to Extras" button.

You will see all of the available tools as well as any additional pricing information.

Some of these available tools include:

  • Send Fax - Here you have the ability to send a fax from our system. 
  • Recorded Calls (If activated) - You'll be able to listen and download from a list of your recorded calls. Call recording can be activated inside of "Extras" in your settings. 
  • Dial-Out Numbers - Here you can authorize dial out numbers for making outbound calls. This also allows you to will mask your cell phone number so that it looks like your virtual office number. 
  • Mobile App - Activating this gives you access to our mobile app.