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How do I make outbound calls with Dial-Out?

With our system you can easily call out masking your number with your toll free number. This is done by authorizing dial out numbers (Ex: your cell phone number) to call one of your access numbers and place a call. The person you call will see your business number on their caller ID.

First you need to enable to "Dial Out" inside Settings > Extras. Dial Out is a free feature of your phone system. 

Select the "Enable" button. Then refresh you browser. 

The Dial-Out Numbers will appear in the "Tools" submenu.

Inside of "Dial Out Numbers" you'll need to authorize a number to call into the system and then call out. This authorized number would be the number of the device you plan to place the call with. Example would be you cell phones number. 

To other authorize a number go down to the "Authorized Dial Out Numbers" list and select the "Add Number" button.

A form will appear. Enter the dial out number's information and select "Save".

You will see the dial number has been added to the list.

Now you can call one of your access numbers listed in the directions above and follow the prompts to make a call. Add and devices number you would like to place outbound calls using our system.