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How can I tell if an incoming call is a personal call or a call forwarding from my UniTel Voice Number?

Use the UniTel Voice Mobile App!

With the UniTel Voice Virtual Phone System, it is easy to distinguish between Business or Personal calls. Simply download and install the UniTel Voice Mobile App. Inbound calls will ring your UniTel Voice App, alerting you to Business calls so they can be answered accordingly. Learn More about the UniTel Voice mobile app

Not answering calls on your Mobile Device?

No problem! We offer additional options to help customers distinguish between business or personal calls:

Option 1: If you prefer, you can have your UniTel Voice Number display as the caller ID for all incoming business calls. Option 2: You may also use the Call Announce feature. With Call Announcement, callers will hear your professional Hold Music, while the system calls you and asks to press 1 to take the call or 2 to send the caller to voicemail.